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Democracy is in your hands - heaven help us!

via Chris Sabo's Goggles

Tired of standing in line at your polling place? 

Do you wish there was a place where you could vote on the issues that really matter to you? 

Well, you've come to the right place.  Today Red Reporter will allow you to cast your ballot to decide what matters most to you the Reds fan.  Cast your ballot in the comments and let's see democracy inaction.

Favorite Young Hitter


Jay Bruce -This young lefty is full of charm and charisma.  He's an all-American boy, but is he experienced enough to lead the Reds to victory?

Quote - "My opponent wasn't even born in America!  The LA Times has the original birth certificate to prove it!"


Joey Votto -This young slugger likes to show off his power to the other field.  He has more experience, but some think he might be a bit too old.

Quote - "My opponent was raised in Texas and has some suspicious associations with Adam Dunn, an unrepentant strike out machine."

Favorite Young Pitcher


Edinson Volquez - The newly acquired righty quickly established himself as the staff ace in 2008.  Can he hold off the pitcher that he claimed had even better stuff?

Quote - "It's time for a Change Up we can believe in. "


Johnny Cueto -Drew rave reviews with his first performance on the big stage but showed to be inexperienced throughout the season.  Has he learned from his mistakes?

Quote - "My opponent is a flip-flopper, constantly going from fast ball to a change up and back again."

2009 Center Fielder


Chris Dickerson -CDick is considered by many to be the most athletic player in the Reds organization.  Can that talent translate into on field success?

Quote - "My friends, I have been to the Majors before.  I have the experience to handle the pressure of playing there everyday."


Drew Stubbs -Drafted in the first round in 2006, Stubbs finally made strides in 2008 and started moving more quickly toward the Majors, but is he ready to take on such a crucial position in the big show?

Quote - "The Reds felt me worthy of selection over Tim Lincecum and it's time for the fans to feel that way too."

Favorite hitter who's been here a while


Edwin Encarnacion -Maligned by much of the fan base, EdE continues to keep up the fight.  Some believe that he fails to come through when it matters most, but Edwin likes to prove those people wrong.

Quote - "Read Brantley's lips: I'm not clutch!"


Brandon Phillips -BP is strong on defense but has been known to be soft on issues at home plate.  He's been given the opportunity to lead, but the question is will the team follow?

Quote - "My opponent will weaken our defenses and that is not something we can afford to risk on this fragile team."

2009 Shortstop


Jeff Keppinger - He covered shortstop for most of the 2008 season, but will that experience sour Reds fans to the idea of him again in 2009?

Quote - "Two words: Flat.  Out."


Alex Gonzalez - Some may not remember that he's actually on the team.  Those that do remember it may not be happy to have that memory.

Quote - "I have 5.375 million reasons why I should be the starter"

Player you are happiest to see gone


Corey Patterson - A questionable selection from the start, Dusty Baker dug in and continued to let Patterson represent the team.  Many believe this was a major reason why the Reds ultimately lost.

Quote - "I can see Dusty's daughter's window from my house!"


Paul Bako -He wasn't the first choice to be catcher, but after an injury to the expected starter and a surprisingly hot start, Bako found himself as the front-runner at the position, even after he started sucking again.

Quote - "I've seen Johnny Bench.  I know Johnny Bench.  And I, my friends, am no Johnny Bench."