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Monday's links to think on

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  • You will surely be shocked to learn that Jim Bowden and the Nationals are after Adam Dunn. Just imagine Austin Kearns, Wily Mo Pena and Adam Dunn all in the outfield at the same time. Now imagine a fellow in leather pants tooling around foul territory on a Segway. Now stop imagining, because if you do it too much you'll go blind.
  • With the GM meetings under way, ESPN's Jerry Crasnick looks at 7 things to look for in the offseason. None of them, not surprisingly, include the Reds. The only player among its top 50 free agents that MLB Trade Rumors sees us getting iis Mark Kotsay.
  • The Florence Freedom hired former Reds second-rounder Toby Rumfield for their front office. Outside a 29-homer season with the Winston-Salem Spirits in '94, Rumfield never really panned out and never reached the majors. But if you don't remember him, maybe you can catch a glimpse in Florence, Y'all.
  • Anyone hoping for Mike Cameron can cross him off your list. He re-upped with the Brewers for 1 year, $10M.
  • The Reds selected David Bell to manage at Double-A Carolina. Chris Bosio (pitching coach) and Ryan Jackson (hitting coach) will be joining him.
  • If you haven't sen it yet, check out John Erardi's piece -- with help from our own Slyde -- on tweaking the Reds.