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World Series: Game 4 Thread





After a long, tough game in the rain, Game 4 in Philadelphia is going to be pivotal.  The Rays need to win to draw even, but if the Phillies win, they have an excellent shot at winning the Series with another game at the Bank, before returning for two more games at the Cowbell Dome, if necessary.

Tonight's heroes/goats will be Matt "Petrarchan" Sonnanstine for the Rays, and "Heywood" Joe Blanton for the Phightins.  Evan Longoria failed to make a good throw to the plate to preserve the game for Tampa last night, so look for him to come out with a spirit of vengeance that would dwarf even Inigo Montoya's.  He's hitting at least two home runs tonight - guaranteed.

The Phillies have been winning with smoke and mirrors, since they can't ever get a hit with runners on base.  J. Ro, Ryan "The Temp" Howard, and Pat Burrell will look to find their offense.  They were seen talking to Bagger Vance under the bleachers last night during the rain delay, so hopefully that will help.

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