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World Series Game 1 Thread

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2008 - Cole Hamels 14-10 3.09 1.08 196 53

2008 - Scott Kazmir 12-8 3.49 1.27 166 70

You may have already seen this one today, but here is an interesting connection to Moneyball that Chone Smith points out on his blog:

"Scott Kazmir is yet another high school pitcher in whom the A's haven't the slightest interest. Billy's so excited he doesn't even bother to say how foolish it is to take a high school pitcher with a first round pick."

Drafting one spot after the A's, another team was foolish enough to waste a first round pick on a high school lefthander, and Cole Hamels went to Philadelphia.

This is anecdotal more than anything, but it's funny that the well publicized and documented draft of 2002 is playing such a significant role in this year's series (B.J. Upton was also taken in the first round that year). Sure doesn't help make Beane look good.

So, are you taking a side in this Series? I haven't been able to choose, so I'm simply hoping for a good, competitive series that goes at least 6 games. The last 4 Series have been snoozers, with 3 sweeps and one 4-1 series. I think baseball owes us on this one.