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Columbus Day Clashes: The Playoffs Get Interesting

The Rays are hoping to reach uncharted territory tonight by taking a series lead over the Red Sox.  Shrewd trade acquisition Matt Garza takes on cancer survivor and feel-good story fodder Jon Lester.  Stats are for dorks, so without looking at them I can say that Lester sure feels like he's becoming the ace of a Red Sox staff that is chock full of aces.  Garza and the Rays will have a tough task ahead of them as the series shifts back to Fenway.  There were something like eight home runs hit between the two teams in their last game.  How many will go over the Monster tonight?

For this evening's matchup, the Dodgers take on the Phillies at 8:22 pm EST in Chavez Ravine.  Seats will be filled at 9:18.  The Phillies were threatening to run away with this series, but the Dodgers have decided to make it a contest.  If they win tonight, they'll even the Series at two games apiece.  Game 1 loser Derek Lowe takes on mid-season pickup Joe Blanton.  The Phillies getting Blanton was slightly less ballyhooed than the Brewers getting Sabathia or the Cubs getting Harden, but who's still pitching in the playoffs, bitches?  That's right.

It's probably just me, but does anyone else enjoy saying, "Haywood J'Blanton" in their minds, a la Haywood Jablowme?  No?  All right then.

The thread is open.  Enjoy playoff baseball!