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The Reds still aren't in the playoffs!

But four teams are.  The Phillies and the fomerly-hated Dodgers represent the NL, whereas the Boston New Yankees and the Tampa Devil Rays are the best the AL has to offer.

The games kick off at 4:35 in Philadelphia, where Mrs. Myers hopes former Iron Pig Brett can beat someone else for a change.  Her choice is Defiance, OH's own Chad Billingsley.  Billingsley was 16-10 this season, with 201 strikeouts, a 3.14 ERA, and an anagramic 1.34 WHIP.  Myers was famously streaky throughout the season.  Can he keep Manny inside a ballpark that gives GABP a run for its money in the "small" category?  Tune in and find out!

At 8:37, Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches against James Shields.  I was sure until about ten seconds ago that Shields's name was Scott.  I may not be the best person to do a preview about this series.

In the regular season between the Rays and Sawx, both teams handled their business at home.  Look for the Rays to win this one.

The thread is open.  Talk all you like, but just remember that it's Friday, the Reds were eliminated 13 years ago, and you really do have better things you could be doing.