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Wednesday Quick Hits

I'm in the midst of a move back to Columbus (from Atlanta), so the front page might be a little empty for a few days, but here are a few links I've come across lately you might enjoy.

  • Brady Anderson uses the internet to pick up women. Seriously funny stuff. Maybe Ryan Freel (or whoever our mystery Craigslist poster was last spring) could pick up some tips.
  • New blog (or new to me anyway): Cincy Reds Cards. I haven't collected cards in any serious way in probably fifteen years, and yet they still hold my interest. Good read if you're like me in that respect.
  • CTrent is back. And annoyingly doesn't have an RSS feed. Someone oughta bug him about that (or point me in the direction of his feed if I'm mistaken and it does exist).
  • JinAZ has an interesting post on future payroll commitments for the Reds. They have $50 million already committed towards 2009, but that actually doesn't sound too bad. The payroll has been cleaned up quite a bit the past two years, and should only get better if Griffey comes off the books. He is coming off the books right? Anyone think the Reds might pick up his option?