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Community Projection: Dave Ross

Dave Ross had a worse 2007 than his 2006 in just about every way. His batting average plummeted, he had less patience at the plate, he struck out more, and he had less extra base hits.

Ross is a definite plus at his 2006 playing level, but he's a major drag if he continues playing like he did in '07. It's possible that he was simply used too much last year, as he moved from 90 games in 2006 to 112 in 2007. Overexposure may be a real issue for him, and it seems like he's had trouble adjusting. He still has killer power, so I'm not against the Reds continuing to run him out there, but I really hope he can improve on last year. An OPS+ of 68 just isn't helpful.

I'm going to project him at .220/.290/.400, with 19 home runs, 40 RBI, and 104 games played. I think this will also probably be Ross' last year as a Red.

Leave your projection for Dave Ross as AVG/OBP/SLG / HR / RBI / SB / Games, and add commentary saying why you feel that way.