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Saturday Quick Hits

  • The 10 Greatest Dicks In American History. Our pitching coach makes an appearance.
  • I am disliking Krivsky less and less as time goes on, but it would still be awfully refreshing to have a GM as open as Billy Beane. The fans should be let it on what is going on, at least a little bit. Both of Cincinnati pro sports franchises don't tell the fanbase much of anything, for no good reason that I can tell.
  • This is the kind of thing you like to read about a division rival.
  • The Reds are spending some money to renovate 13 baseball fields in Columbus. Hopefully this is a small step in trying to win back the city of Columbus. The Reds territory really should draw from a wider area, and I do think Castellini realizes that. Of course winning is the main thing that needs to happen to broaden the fanbase, but that doesn't mean the Reds can't make inroads with other gestures.
  • Dusty Baker isn't sure of much when it comes to center field, which is understandable. I think this'll be the biggest question of spring training, even larger than filling out the back end of the rotation.
  • It's looking more and more like Cincinnati is headed to Arizona for future spring trainings. What does everyone think of that?