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The Most Exciting Reds Players I've Ever Seen

Shysterball has a great post up where he talks about Eric Davis as an intro into his most exciting starting eight that he's ever seen:

Davis was the gold standard of ballplayers as far as my friends and I were concerned. No one looked like him. No one played like him. He was just a beast. I've always taken the Willie Mays/Andruw Jones thing with a grain of salt -- though he may have been Mays' defensive equal, Andruw has never looked the way I've heard people describe Mays -- but pre-injury Eric Davis felt like the real deal. If I had the power to alter anything in baseball over the past 20 years, seeing what a healthy Davis could have done is near the top of the list.

Not that he was the best player around. Even pre-steroids Bonds was a far more productive hitter. Ken Griffey had many seasons better than Eric the Red's best. Heck, year-in-year out guys like Dale Murphy, Darryl Strawberry, and Tim Raines brought more to the table than Davis. But he was more exciting to watch, partially for the speed/power mix, but mostly for the reckless abandon.

This post by Voros McCracken is what got the above started, and you'll find more Eric Davis goodness there.

I actually agree on Eric Davis completely. I was just a little kid (five and six years old for his amazing 1986 and 1987 seasons) for the early part of Eric's career, but he was absolutely one of my top three favorite players growing up, the other two probably being Barry Larkin and Kal Daniels.

You could actually probably make a team like Shysterball's (as he puts it: "players I've enjoyed for aesthetic reasons as opposed to merely appreciated due to superior performance") out of any team's all time roster, assuming you are old enough. To do a proper one for the Reds I imagine you'd have to be old enough to go back to the Big Red Machine, but in the past 20 or so years here are the most electrifying Reds players I have seen:

C: Nothing really stands out here. Taubensee's '99 was probably the best statistical year I've ever seen out of a Reds catcher, but there's definitely not been anyone I've ever watched in awe.

1B: Sean Casey. No, just kidding, I loved the guy, but there wasn't much aesthetically pleasing about watching him ground out to second. Same as catcher really, the Reds haven't had any freaks at the position.

2B: Pokey Reese. A defensive pick. It's incredible to me that Reese didn't stay employed longer than he did in a league that sees guys like Juan Castro and Neifi Perez hang on for years and years because of their defensive skills. It was a Web Gem every night with the guy.

SS: Barry Larkin. No brainer obviously. I know the whole clutch debate, and I don't know if Larkin was a clutch player at all, but I know that as a kid he always felt like the one player I could rely on to make something happen.

3B: Chris Sabo? Another tough position where nobody really stands out in the past 20 years.

OF: Deion Sanders. Never had a great stat line, but the guy was clearly a freak of nature, and the games somehow simply felt more important when he was playing. I'll never forget seeing him hit a home run and go 3-3 the night he came back to the Reds in 1997.

OF: Ken Griffey Jr. The prettiest swing I've ever seen in person. Probably the prettiest swing I'll ever see in person.

OF: Eric Davis. Obviously.

Who would you guys have on a list like this?