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Friday Quick Hits

  • Batter's Box has an interesting article up talking about GM's making horrible trades, and it reminded me of the trade Jocketty made with the A's (Haren and Barton for Mulder). Every GM makes some bad deals, but that really gives you pause when you think about Jocketty potentially coming to the Reds some day.
  • It would be really tough to have hope as an Orioles fan as long as Peter Angelos is still their owner.
  • If you click one thing on these quick hits, make it this blog entry from minor leaguer Dirk Hayhurst. Guy has a future as a writer if the whole baseball thing doesn't work out. His archives are worth a read as well.
  • The Braves might be the Braves of old pretty soon. Things aren't looking so hot for them anymore.
  • Carlos Zambrano ripped into Cubs fans recently. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like Cubs fans have been a topic of conversation more than once this season.
  • Baseball Reference now has minor league stats. I am not even kidding when I say that life wouldn't be as good without that website. Sean Forman doesn an amazing job over there. It's a good time looking at Jay Bruce's numbers.
  • Baseball Analysts recently had a look at this year's free agent pitchers which kind of reaffirms what we've all been saying, that there's not a whole lot out there.
  • A-Rod is going to make a ridiculous amount of money this offseason. I could see him signing for $30 million per.
  • This is such a bizarre story, about a guy who passed himself off as former Reds reliever Bill Henry. He recently died and it was discovered that the real Henry is alive and well in Texas.
  • Some of the more statistically inclined of you might be able to have some fun with this.
  • Really quite amazing that Dave Littlefield lasted this long as GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I obviously don't really want to see the Pirates improve, but their fans deserve real effort from that front office and maybe they'll get it now.
  • Baseball Prospectus has a nice article on Pete Mackanin today. I have a tough time caring if they keep Mackanin around or not, because I really don't think most managers make that much of a difference. He seems to handle his bullpen more intelligently than Narron did, and that is probably enough for me to feel ok about him sticking around. I am not sure bringing in a big name manager is going to make any kind of difference. The only thing that is going to help the Reds is better pitching.