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Best Wishes To Joe Nuxhall

Sad news in the Enquirer this morning:

Nuxhall, the Reds legend and broadcaster, will start chemotherapy on Monday for a third recurrence of lymphoma.

"I hope I can lick this," he said. "With all the publicity it's getting, maybe others who have it will be encouraged. Maybe people will feel they can beat it, too."

He is upbeat though which is great to see:

Nuxhall worked Thursday's Reds-Houston Astros game as scheduled. He worked all 10 games of the Reds' previous homestand and also led the World's Largest Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest last weekend.
"I don't want to sit around and feel sorry for myself," he said.

Nuxhall said the lymphoma is in his side. The first growth was on his throat, and he then had one on his tonsils and on a leg. Nuxhall, 79, also has had prostate cancer and heart problems.
"The thing about it is I have no pain," he said. "But it's there. It's time to get after it."

Hopefully Joe will have a speedy recovery and will be able to do his normal slate of games next season. I know he's not universally loved, but for me nothing means Cincinnati Reds baseball like Joe Nuxhall and so it has been tough watching him get older. Still love listening to him when he is able to do games though, and I look forward to a lot more of those in the future.