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Adam Dunn's Season Is Finished

Adam Dunn

Dunn is having his right knee cleaned out today, so his season is now finished.

The big question now obviously is whether his 40 home runs, 106 RBI, 101 runs, 101 walks, and .264/.386/.554 line will be enough for Wayne Krivsky to pick up his (pretty cheap for the production) $13 million option.

As of last Thursday the Reds hadn't spoken to Dunn or his agent on the matter, which is a little unnerving. Exercising this option seems like such an obvious move that it's tough to understand why the Reds haven't already announced it or given some indication of what they plan on doing. I can't imagine that waiting until the last minute on these kinds of things doesn't do anything but breed confusion and possibly ill will.

The only logical explanations, are that the Reds either aren't planning on picking up the option or still haven't decided what they are doing. Both are frightening propositions. But then it still seems like such an obvious decision that I have a hard time believing the Reds really could screw it up.

But we'll see. I've got my fingers crossed because Dunn just had a hell of a season, and I'd rather not see him playing somewhere else so that Krivsky can afford to sign three or four scrubs to fill out the back of the bullpen.