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Ken Griffey Jr. Injured Once Again

All too familiar a scene to the right there, but this time it's the groin:

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Ken Griffey Jr. had to leave Wednesday night's game against the Chicago Cubs in the eighth inning after straining his lower abdomen as he tried to make a throw to the infield.

With a runner at second, Griffey fielded a base hit by Chicago's Derrek Lee. As he started to make a throw Griffey stopped in pain and had to underhand the ball back to the infield before falling to the ground. Baserunner Ryan Theriot held at third on the play.

Hell of a year for Griffey. Only the second time he's managed 500+ at bats in a season as a Red, and he made the most of them. Hopefully this injury isn't anything that will affect his 2008 season.