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Game Thread: Game 150 vs. the Cubs

TIME: 8:05 @ Wrigley Field

Rich Hill (9-8, 3.91)              Bronson Arroyo (9-14, 4.31)

The Cubs are currently a game up on Milwaukee, so everything is important for them going forward. They get the Reds six times in the next two weeks, so the Reds probably have as much to do with whether or not the Cubs make the playoffs as any team not named the Brewers.

Arroyo has been pitching really well, and seems to thrive this time of year:

"It's the end of the season," he said. "Maybe the other guys are getting a little tired. I always feel good down the stretch. It's cooler. Obviously, you want to finish off strong. You want to feel like you've given your team consistent work."

Go Reds!