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Would Tony LaRussa Help The Reds? Monday Quick Hits

  • It's now pretty much Krivsky's team. He gets another year, maybe two, and then hopefully he will have something to show for himself. He honestly needs to probably be an even better GM than his old mentor Terry Ryan to turn things around in Cincinnati, and I just don't know if he's going to be able to do that. Ryan might be his ceiling.
  • I've seen tons of these articles lately, which I think means LaRussa is probably out in St. Louis. Maybe I'm just becoming more laid back about all things Cincinnati Reds, but maybe LaRussa would work out here. Anyone think it would be easier to get free agents to come to Cincinnati with a big name manager? Not sure myself, but it's something to think about.
  • Paul Byrd is kind of an odd guy.
  • Pat Burrell is to Philadelphia as Adam Dunn is to Cincinnati?
  • Jin-AZ has a nice look at plate discipline and the Cincinnati Reds. Interesting note there on Jeff Keppinger I thought, guy almost never goes after bad pitches.
  • Something for any scotch drinkers in the audience.
  • Kyle Lohse is probably going to be making at least $10 million a year after this offseason. The pitching market is pretty nuts these days. Tough to see a team like the Reds winning without developing massive quantities of pitching, because it's just so expensive on the market, whether we're talking trade or free agency.
  • Sportswriters in DC apparently like Jim Bowden. Bowden on his best days is a pretty solid GM, but he has a massive weak spot when it comes to starting pitching.
  • This goes back to my point on starting pitching. Small market teams can't count on the Yankees and Red Sox to cough up good prospects for major league vets anymore, which is just going to drive the market up even further.
  • Wade Boggs is a pretty competitive guy.
  • I really don't understand why the Reds haven't picked up Adam Dunn's option yet. Makes me a little nervous, even though I've pretty much convinced myself they are going to pick it up. Maybe Krivsky just doesn't like doing this stuff in season.