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Friday Quick Hits

  • Someone really needs to build a site like this for the Reds. I've actually kicked around the idea in the past, but it would be a pretty massive undertaking.
  • A blog called Shysterball has a pretty optimistic look at the Reds. It's a good read, but someone should tell the writers that the Reds have actually generally had pretty great bullpens since the time of the Nasty Boys. These recent years have been the aberration.
  • Mackanin:  "I just hope they judge me on what I'm doing," Fair enough. He certainly deserves consideration, but I think it's going to be an outsider. I really have no clue what the Reds are going to do in any situation anymore, but it seems like Castellini wants a big name, which I think might be a mistake when they have an in house guy in Billy Hatcher who would probably do just fine.
  • The 2004 Reds had a lot in common with this year's Brewers. It's kind of sad the way they've fallen apart. Definitely would have preferred seeing them in the playoffs as opposed to the Cubs, but I'm not giving it to the Cubs just yet with St. Louis lurking. Amazing how they have hung around, but I suppose it's not all that tough in this division.
  • MLB has a lot of problems when it comes to their Florida teams. There's a very real chance the Marlins aren't going to have anywhere to play in just a few years.