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Game Thread: Game 108 vs. the Nationals

TIME: 7:05 @ RFK

Mike Bacsik (4-6, 4.22)                  Phil Dumatrait (Major league debut)

Congrats on your big day, Phil. If anyone didn't know, it's pronounced doo-MAH-trey. I'm not sure about the Nats starter. I think it's back-zit.

Also, welcome back, Sea Bass. I hope things are well on the homefront. And farewell, for this year, anyway, to Juan Castro, who is going to have Tommy John surgery.

Good luck, Phil, and go Reds.


1 Freel         cf
2 Phillips      2b
3 Griffey       rf
4 Conine        1b
5 Dunn          lf
6 Encarnacion   3b
7 Gonzalez      ss
8 Ross           c
9 Dumatrait      p

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