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Wayne Krivsky Might Be Over His Head

Jim Bowden

I've been kind of stewing about the Reds not making any moves at the deadline for the past couple of days, and it didn't make me feel much better to read this:

Remember, that talk about Adam Dunn being traded to the Nationals? I've been told the deal was pretty far along when the Nationals pulled the plug on it.

No explanation was given why. But here's one theory I heard: Jim Bowden never intended to do make a deal. He just strung the Reds along to waste their time. The Reds do still have a grievance pending against the Nationals over the Gary Majewksi episode.

Combine that with Krivsky rushing deals to there wouldn't be "awkwardness" on a team bus, and it's tough not to conclude that he just might not have what it takes to be a major league GM. It's a pretty cutthroat business, and Wayne Krivsky doesn't strike me as being terribly aggressive.