Reason #453 to Keep Dunn

The White Sox announced a new two-year deal for OF Jermaine Dye, 2 years, $22 million. So that makes a deal of $11 per year.  Adam Dunn's option for 2008 is $13mil.

At age 33, Dye will be at 35 when that deal is done and Dunn will be age 28.  

Well, surely Dye is being paid for his superior defense.  Not really.  If Dunn is a bad fielder at .833 RZR, then how bad can Dye be at .801?  

Dye is more than likely getting paid for his prowess at the plate.

Dye's Numbers
.242 BA
.306 OBP
.791 OPS

Dunn's Numbers
.262 BA
.370 OBP
.922 OPS

Another argument for Adam Dunn, and another hole in those arguing against picking up his option.

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