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Game Thread: Game 123 vs. the Brewers

TIME: 2:05 @ Miller Park

Chris Capuano (5-10, 5.23)                Aaron Harang (12-3, 3.50)

I'm surprised that Chris Capuano is still Milwaukee's de facto ace whilst Sheets sits out. He has been... not good. Except against the Reds, of course. Actually, I look for a repeat of that game, except without Capuano's dominance. This game has Win No. 13 written all over it, mostly for this reason: The Brewers have lost Capuano's past 15 starts. What's even weirder is that they won his first seven. I've never seen anything like it.

1 Hopper         rf
2 Hamilton       cf
3 Keppinger      ss
4 Phillips       2b
5 Dunn           lf
6 Conine         1b
7 Encarnacion    3b
8 Jorgensen       c
9 Harang          p