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Mike Stanton is everything that is wrong with this team

I wrote back in June that I didn't think Mike Stanton was as good as his then 4.38 ERA would lead you to believe, and as I recall there were some dissenters then because his peripheral numbers weren't as bad as I had thought.

This past week though is exactly what I was talking about.

Stanton has stretches where he seems serviceable, but the problem is that when he loses it he really, really loses it. I said it back in June, and two months later little has changed except that Stanton's ERA has ballooned to 5.93.

It's just as obvious that Mike Stanton doesn't deserve a roster spot as it was when Rheal Cormier didn't deserve a roster spot. The season has been over since late April, but it's still terribly frustrating to watch an organization that bizarrely refuses to put the best possible product on the field.

Mike Stanton doesn't make the team better today, and being 40 years old he certainly isn't likely to make the team better in the future. The only explanation for his continuing to occupy a roster spot is that Wayne Krivsky refuses to admit that he's made a mistake. I'm beyond tired of it.