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Game Thread: Game 121 vs. the Brewers

TIME: 8:05 @ Miller Park

Jeff Suppan (8-9, 4.90)                  Bronson Arroyo (5-13, 4.63)

Just saw Superbad this afternoon. Great movie. I also enjoyed Stardust recently, I have to say those are the two best movies I've seen this summer. How about you guys?

I really can't believe the NL Central race is going to come down to the Cubs and Cardinals. It's unbelievable that the Reds can't compete in such an awful division. Could you imagine if the Reds were in the AL East? I really don't know what I would tell myself in that situation. Now at least I know that if the Reds can just pull themselves up to .500 they'll be interesting all year, which is pretty sad in itself.