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Better Times

I love stuff like this. SI's original article following the Reds sweep of the Oakland A's in 1990:

The Cinderella Reds beat the Oakland Athletics 2-1 in the fourth and final game last Saturday night to give Cincinnati its first Series trophy since 1976 and the rest of the baseball world something of a shock.

Stunned fans, media and A's looked like so many bobblehead dolls, nodding and shaking their heads, as the Reds cavorted on the field of the Oakland Coliseum at 8:14 Pacific Daylight Time. The A's had won 103 games in the regular season and had breezed into their third straight Fall Classic by sweeping the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series. The Reds had won only 91 regular-season games and had struggled to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the playoffs. No team with so few victories had ever swept a World Series.