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Game Thread: Game 117 vs. the Padres

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TIME: 1:15 @ Great American

Jake Peavy (12-5, 2.21)          Bronson Arroyo (5-12, 4.51)

Shame the Reds couldn't avoid Jake Peavy, but I'm confident they will prevail behind the contact hitting skills of Norris Hopper and Jeff Keppinger.

All cynicism aside, wouldn't it be cool if Jeff Keppinger actually did turn out to be a .350+ hitter? I mean I'm like 99.9% sure he's going to regress at some point to his usual .280/.310/.370ish self, but it's fun to dream every once in a while. And he has had a great 79 at bats so far this year so what the hell, why not dream a little?

Go Reds!