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Game Thread: Game 84 vs. the Giants

TIME: 1:15 @ Great American

           REDS PROBABLE:
Matt Cain (2-9, 3.38)            Matt Belisle (5-5, 5.03)

Umm... 2-9, 3.38? What? Matt Cain's a lot better than a 2-9 pitcher.

Baseball Reference says


1 Hatteberg   1b
2 Phillips    2b
3 Griffey     rf
4 Dunn        lf
5 Encarnacion 3b
6 Hamilton    cf
7 Valentin     c
8 Castro      ss
9 Belisle      p

1 Roberts     cf
2 Vizquel     ss
3 Winn        rf
4 Klesko      1b
5 Durham      2b
6 Aurilia     3b
7 Lewis       lf
8 Rodriguez    c
9 Cain         p

Also, Mackanin had this to say to trent about valentin:
Pete said he was going to use Valentin to catch much more, because his bat is needed in the lineup. "He's an untapped resource that we're not using enough," Mackanin said.

wtf? where started this myth that valentin is a good hitter? Really? Career OPS+ of 81.