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Monday Trade Deadline Open Thread

If the Reds make a move we'll have a thread for it specifically, but this can serve as the open thread for other deals and any Reds discussion until a new thread gets posted.

Anyone want to venture their guesses as to what's going to happen? I'm not even going to bother speculating with return, but I think we'll see Kyle Lohse and Jeff Conine dealt. I have a feeling that'll be about it.

And I've said this before, but it bears repeating, Wayne Krivsky's refusal to discuss trade rumors really makes this less fun every year. I don't expect him to operate with a Jim Bowden type of transparency, but the Reds are barely mentioned in trade speculation articles from guys like Ken Rosenthal, despite them being one of the biggest sellers this year. Part of the fun is the speculation and Krivsky does his best to kill that for fans.

Being Reds fans, we don't have much. It'd be nice for him to throw us a tidbit every now and again. This is baseball, the Reds don't have to operate at a government level of secrecy.