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The Enquirer takes a step forward

adam dunn

Congrats to Slyde (and JinAZ and Greg Gajus who I believe reads Red Reporter) for being featured in today's Enquirer, where Erardi solicited opinions on what the Reds should do before the deadline:

LF: Adam Dunn: The Reds seem hell-bent to trade this guy, regardless of return. If that's true, then it's disingenuous because it would mean the Reds care more about getting his $13 million contract off the books than getting better. Suggestion: Don't trade him unless you can get two major-league-ready prospects - one a center fielder with excellent OPS and defensive ability and the other a kid who is either a starter or a reliever with a strikeout-producing arm. Don't believe the Reds should keep Dunn? Check out the story on that topic on the next page (C9).

That story is here and is a great defense of Adam Dunn.

Kudos to John Erardi for doing a story like this. I would love it if these two articles get tons of play around Cincinnati, especially on talk radio.

The mainstream media gets bashed pretty constantly on all sorts of blogs, but you have to give the Enquirer credit for attempting to elevate the conversation surrounding the trade deadline. They picked some great fans to help them with that, and I really think the resulting articles were pretty well done. Kudos to everyone involved.