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Game Thread: Game 96 vs. the Marlins

TIME: 7:05 @ Dolphin Stadium

Scott Olsen (7-7, 5.15)                     Kyle Lohse (5-11, 4.68)

So is the consensus that the Reds are a better team because of Mackanin? I'm kind of leaning towards regression to the mean myself. I'm not sure the Reds were ever as bad as their record indicated, but I still don't think this is a very good team. I'm also not thrilled with the way Encarnacion and Dunn have been used under Mackanin, but the guy does seem to have a plan, which isn't something I could have said about Narron ever.

What are you guys thinking? And do you think this little run will change anything for Krivsky as we get closer to the deadline?

Go Reds!