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Bronson Arroyo on the trade market?

Bronson Arroyo

I really wouldn't understand a move like this:

Talk is getting stronger among scouts that the Reds might deal Bronson Arroyo. Wonder if the Red Sox will offer Wily Mo Peña.

Dumping good, cheap players for prospects isn't a way to get competitive quickly. Everyone should be on the table, etc. etc. I get that and I agree with it, but the price the Reds would need to get for a Bronson Arroyo deal to make sense is pretty steep.

I think alot of people think this team is oh so close to being pretty good, but I'm having a tough time not seeing it the other way around. Get rid of guys like Griffey, Dunn, and Arroyo in unsuccessful trades for prospects and all of a sudden Krivsky will have dug a Pittsburgh Pirates size hole that could take years and years to climb out of.

I'm excited for the next two weeks, because trades are fun, and I'm still a fan obviously, but I'm also pretty wary and worried because I don't have any reason to believe that the guy in charge knows what the hell he's doing. Best case scenario might be that Krivsky wildly overestimates the value of his players and doesn't get many deals done.

There's actually a fair amount of calvary coming from the minor leagues in the next year or two. It's not going to make a lot of difference if that calvary is simply replacing guys like Dunn and Arroyo. The Reds need players who are complementary to the valuable players they already possess. I really hope someone in the organization realizes that.