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Game Thread: Game 92 vs. the Mets

TIME: 1:10 @ Shea Stadium

METS PROBABLE:                      REDS PROBABLE:
Oliver Perez (7-6, 3.14)              Kyle Lohse (5-10, 4.47)

This is for three straight series non-losses. Oh, and this is the lineup (sans Griffey) that Mackanin should have played last night. At any rate, go Reds.



1 Freel       cf
2 Hopper      rf
3 Conine      1b
4 Phillips    2b
5 Dunn        lf
6 Encarnacion 3b
7 Lopez       ss
8 Ross         c
9 Lohse        p

Also, Livingston is coming up tomorrow instead of Homer. Turns out Homer's start in Louisville was another audition, not just a chance to pitch on regular rest.