I Freel bad

Ryan Freel is not doing well.

I hate it when I see something on ESPN first, but there you have it. Remember that yesterday we were told by the Cincy Post that Freel estimates he's had 10 concussions in his life, none this bad. Here's the full scoop, stolen from the post:

Freel update: Talked to Ryan Freel. He said he has no idea when he'll be back. He's still having severe headaches. When asked if he thought it was career-threatening, he said, "I don't really want to think about that."

He said there are very few things he remembers from that day. He doesn't remember the play, but he does remember looking up and seeing people looking fown at him from the stands. And he remembers being in the ambulance.

Freel said the first dive days he spent entirely in bed. with headaches, nausea and disorientation. He will be seeing Dr. Kremcheck here soon and expects to see even more doctors.

This is certainly not a quick fix. Freel estimated that he's had 10 concussions in his life, but none had the lingering effects this one has.

When asked if he thinks Ryan Freel's injury is career-threatening, commenter boobs said, "When you've had 10 concussions in your life, each new one is career-threatening." I estimated a 15-day DL stint on Day 1, but now I'm thinking he's out for the season -- best-case scenario. It's really an awful thing, and I wonder if this will put the kibosh on any plans to move griffey or dunn, as has been insinuated by some rumor mongers.

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