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2007 Amateur Draft Open Thread

Today is kind of like Christmas. Only I hate Santa Claus, which kind of takes the shine off of things.

The draft starts at 2:00 PM and it'll be shown on ESPN2, something that I'm looking forward to entirely too much.

Here's Cincinnati's history of number one picks. Kind of a depressing list in all honesty. Barry Larkin though, we've got that going for us.

Who's everyone hoping for? I wouldn't be disappointed with Kevin Aherns, really don't want to see Julio Borbon which is the other name I keep seeing pop up. But that's based on a tiny amount of knowledge, so keep that in mind. I'll probably find a way to get excited regardless of who the Reds end up taking, just because that's what draft day is all about. I've had lots of practice with the Bengals over the years, so I'm good to go. (Akili Smith, whooooooo!)

Here are the excellent diaries by jmcclain19 on who to watch for:

The 2007 Draft - Who to watch for
The 2007 Draft - Who to watch for Part II