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Paul Daugherty Goes To Town On Wayne Krivsky

Still not asking the questions I'd like to see asked, but better than nothing:

On sports talk tonight, Paul Daugherty virtually interrogated Krivsky about some of the moves the club has made recently. He grilled him about failing to bring Hamilton to Colorodo for the last game of the series Sunday, when he was eligible. He asked him why it took so long to bring up Bailey and called him out for moving Livingston (off a very good outting) back to Louisville for a guy (McBeth) that has yet deliver a major league pitch. Wayne got a little flustered, and even brushed off one comment by saying the topic was "inside baseball stuff" that we would not understand.

Go here and in the lower left hand corner you can listen to it yourself.

I'm really interested to see what Krivsky and Co. do in tomorrow's draft. I honestly feel kind of sick about it, because just about everything the guy touches seems to turn to crap. This team is a long, long way from winning, and I just can't say that I'd feel that way if they had a competent GM. When's the last time a team had a successful season with one of the worst bullpens in baseball? Because I just can't see Krivsky waking up one day and all of a sudden understanding the difference between a good reliever and a 40 year old washed up has been.