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Game Thread: Game 61 vs. the Cardinals

TIME: 8:10 @ Busch Stadium

                   REDS PROBABLE:
Adam Wainwright (4-4, 5.12)               Kyle Lohse (2-7, 4.58)

It'd be nice to salvage a game here against the Cardinals.

It's funny, this team in a lot of ways doesn't feel as bad as it actually is, I think because it's natural to not really think of the bullpen nearly as much as the starting pitching and position players when you're evaluating a team. But the bullpen really trickles down and ruins everything. I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that the Reds starters would probably be doing a little better if Narron felt comfortable taking them out earlier.

Lohse has pitched a little better than a 2-7 record would indicate, especially recently, and hopefully he'll continue that tonight.

Go Reds!