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Game Thread: Game 60 vs. the Cardinals

TIME: 8:10 @ Busch Stadium

                   REDS PROBABLE:
Brad Thompson (4-1, 4.37)                 Bronson Arroyo (2-6, 4.73)

Sea Bass is still out. Yay Juan Castro. But Bronson has to come out of his funk soon, right? 20 runs allowed in 11 innings in his past 3 starts. Gimme something, Bronson.

1 Scott Hatteberg        1B
2 Brandon Phillips       2B
3 Ken Griffey            RF
4 Adam Dunn              LF
5 Edwin Encarnacion      3B
6 Josh Hamilton          CF
7 David Ross              C
8 Juan Castro            SS
9 Bronson Arroyo          P