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Coffey and Hamilton Up, Salmon and Wise Down

Josh Hamilton

Every time a bullpen move is made you have to ask why not Stanton? It's pretty obvious the Reds aren't serious about putting the best possible team out there, which I guess I understand since the season is already basically over, but damn it's frustrating watching Stanton pitch nearly every day.

Anyway, the Reds today recalled Josh Hamilton and Todd Coffey and sent down Dewayne Wise and Brad Salmon.

I kind of hate seeing Salmon jerked around so much since he's already 27 years old, but I guess that's what happens when a guy has options. The Reds seem really reactive lately after someone has a bad outing as well, and Salmon didn't get anyone out last Friday night.

Coffey pitched 5.2 scoreless innings at Louisville with nine strikeouts and one walk. It's hard to figure out how he can be so dominating at that level and struggle so badly with the Reds. There are times when I wonder if the Reds advance scouts aren't killing the team, because it sometimes seems like Coffey (among others) has no clue what to throw to certain hitters.

Hamilton was OPS'ing 1.282, so I suppose it was time for him to come up. In all seriousness, Hamilton's time at AAA gives me a lot of hope for his future. It kind of solidifies the fact that he's got nothing left to prove in the minor leagues. As long as he stays clean I think the Reds have the next Junior/A-Rod/Pujols type of player on their hands.