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Homer Bailey May Start This Coming Week

Homer Bailey


Top pitching prospect Homer Bailey's start on Saturday could very well be his final one for Triple-A Louisville.

By next week, Bailey seems likely to finally stand on a Major League mound debuting in a Reds uniform.

I can usually find things to get interested about in a losing season, but for some reason these last few weeks have just been extremely bleh. Josh Hamilton was plenty of reason to pay attention, but he's been out for quite a while now. Combine that with a trading deadline that's still pretty far away and the Reds have honestly been pretty boring lately.

But I will say that Homer Bailey coming up is pretty damn exciting. There literally hasn't been a Reds starting pitching prospect in my lifetime that I've been this hyped up about, and even though I am pretty sure he'll struggle for his first season I still can't wait to see him in Cincinnati.

It's tough to find bright spots this year, but Bailey's debut should be one.