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Don't Screw With Ken Griffey Jr.

This is hilarious:

Never, ever lose a bet to Ken Griffey Jr. The outfielder pays off, but in strange ways -- like the time manager Lou Piniella won a bet with him during spring training when both were in Seattle.

"It was batting practice, and I had three swings left," Griffey said. "Lou bet me a steak that I couldn't hit a home run to each field on those three swings. I hit one to right and I hit one to center, but I missed the one to left. So I paid up."

Oh, did he. Piniella got his steak on the hoof. Griffey had a live cow put in Piniella's office while he was gone, "And when he walked in, there was the cow and some other stuff the cow had left after lifting its tail, plus he had slobbered everywhere. Lou got sick."

Then there was the time Griffey filled Piniella's office with lambs, but that's another story.

I'm not sure how McCoy can leave us hanging on the lamb story, but that is pretty funny otherwise. I would love to know how Griffey found an available cow during Spring Training in Arizona and got it into Piniella's office.

It's interesting how you hear these great stories about Junior from time to time, and yet he has something of a surly reputation with the media. I'd love for someone to write a comprehensive book on Junior because he's one of the more interesting sports figures out there I think.