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Game Thread: Game 79 vs. the Phillies

TIME: 7:05 @ Citizen's Bank Park

             REDS PROBABLE:
Adam Eaton (7-5, 5.63)             Matt Belisle (5-5, 4.73)

Two interesting nuggets about tonight, though neither is very important. Junior will officially make the NL All-Star team when voting ends, as he's the second-most popular player in the league. He'll start in right field; congrats, Junior. It has been a hell of a lot of fun watching you play like the Kid again this year.

Second, we're mired in a rubber-match slump. We've had one in each of the past five series (this makes six) and have lost the past four. I will say this: It has not been Adam Dunn's fault. In those four games, Dunner has batted .500 (8 for 16) with one walk, three home runs, six RBIs and just two strikeouts. .500/.529/.875/1.404. Stupid stats are all I have right now.

Go Reds!


1 Scott Hatteberg        1B
2 Brandon Phillips       2B
3 Ken Griffey Jr.        RF
4 Adam Dunn              LF
5 Edwin Encarnacion      3B
6 Josh Hamilton          CF
7 Alex Gonzalez          SS
8 Chad Moeller            C
9 Matt Belisle            P

1 Rollins   ss
2 Victorino rf
3 Utley     2b
4 Howard    1b
5 Rowand    cf
6 Dobbs     lf
7 Helms     3b
8 Ruiz       c
9 Eaton      p

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