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Game Thread: Game 78 vs. the Phillies

TIME: 7:05 @ Citizen's Bank Park

             REDS PROBABLE:
Jamie Moyer (7-5, 4.13)          Aaron Harang (8-2, 3.59)

This team just really crushes your spirit after awhile. I've been able to find things to enjoy in losing seasons in previous years, but this one is so bad that I'm kind of at a loss. Plenty of good stuff is happening (Homer coming up, Hamilton, BP, Dunn, Harang, and Junior all having great years), but none of it ever seems to translate into wins. I find myself paying attention to the minor leagues more than ever, and at least there's a lot of interesting things going on down there. Plus we should be getting a top five pick next year, so we've got that going for us.

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If Harang gets to 10 wins before the break he pretty much has to be on the All-Star team, right? I would think anyway.

Go Reds!