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Rosenthal On Krivsky and Dunn

Wayne Krivsky

Ken Rosenthal has a couple of interesting notes in his latest column:

In any case, several clubs -- including the Giants, Cubs, Mariners, Astros, Reds and Pirates -- could change general managers at the end of the season. The Cardinals also could lose G.M. Walt Jocketty, who is under contract through 2008 but shadowed by Jeff Luhnow, the team's vice-president of scouting and player development.

Jocketty, who spent 14 seasons with the A's, would be a natural for the Giants, assuming the Cardinals allowed him to depart. He also could be a fit for the Reds, whose owner, Bob Castellini, previously was an investor with the Cardinals.

I could handle Walt Jocketty as GM. He's certainly made mistakes (the Dan Haren deal is looking stupider every day), but the Cardinals have been solid for the last decade now, and they're always in the hunt. He probably wouldn't be my ideal candidate, but the Reds aren't likely to hire someone I would find ideal. They need a Mark Shapiro type, but I'm not sure a guy like him would be old school enough for Castellini.

Also from Rosenthal:

One rival general manager suggests that the Reds keep left fielder Adam Dunn, exercise his $13 million option and make him this year's Gary Sheffield. The Yankees exercised Sheffield's $13 million option last off-season and traded him to the Tigers for three pitching prospects. Dunn, 28, is 10 years younger than Sheffield. By waiting to trade him until the off-season, the Reds could involve more clubs. Then again, the demand for Dunn's power could get the Reds the deal they want before the July 31 non-waiver deadline . . .

I'm on the fence at this point about blowing this team up. I was for it a couple of months ago, but at this point I'm frightened that a rebuilding effort by Wayne Krivsky could put this team down for the next ten years. It's really stunning how bad the guy is even when you take into account the smart moves like Brandon Phillips and Josh Hamilton. It takes a lot of sucking to make you look bad after getting such valuable players for nothing.