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Whatif Sports League Opening

Just wanted to pass this along, a WhatIfSports league that I'm taking part in:

Greetings all...

I'm organizing a baseball league in which I'm trying to get representation from fans across the country to run their favorite team...

The league is free to join with promo code FXFBSLB7 and the league ID is MLB67335.

Here's the groundrules for the league:

  • Each team owner must choose one MLB franchise to represent and can only pick players from that team to fill their roster. No 2 owners can represent the same team.
  • I'm limiting the players to the period of time from 1985 to 2006 for the Sim League.
  • You cannot have the same player on your team more than once. It may be nice to have an outfield made up of Barry Bonds seasons 2001-2003, but I'm not allowing it. 2 different teams can have the same player though (example, both the Pirates and Giants can have Bonds on their rosters).
  • Owners must place their team in their home ballpark (any parks that team played at from 85'-06' are eligible).
  • Team names must contain the city/state of the team first so it is easily identifiable. Feel free to bastardize the team nickname.
  • A team salary cap of $100 million has been instituted. This will level the playing field so the owners that picked the better franchises over the past 20 years don't have a huge edge. It also means more role players/bad pitchers get to be involved which makes for a fun time.
  • Trades will be permitted once league is filled to allow owners to address any weaknesses/over strengths your team may have.
  • The AL teams will have a DH spot, the NL will not. The leagues will be realigned when filled up to adjust the divisions correctly.

Free to join with that promo code, and there are two spots left at this time, these teams are available:

Baltimore Orioles
Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Texas Rangers

Hope to see some Red Reporters join up.

Edited to add that if there's enough interest maybe we could do something like this with just members of Red Reporter. Feel free to comment if you'd be interested in something like that.