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Game Thread: Game 70 vs. the Rangers

TIME: 1:15 @ Great American


                REDS PROBABLE:
Kevin Millwood (2-6, 7.82)            Bronson Arroyo (2-7, 4.98)

Castro in, which means ross is moved off the 8-hole for just the fourth time this year. We can win a series against the worst team in baseball. That's something.

1 Scott Hatteberg       1B
2 Brandon Phillips      2B
3 Ken Griffey           RF
4 Adam Dunn             LF
5 Edwin Encarnacion     3B
6 Josh Hamilton         CF
7 David Ross             C
8 Juan Castro           SS
9 Bronson Arroyo         P

1 Lofton      cf
2 Hairston    2b
3 Young       ss
4 Byrd        rf
5 Catalanotto lf
6 Melhuse      c
7 Vazquez     1b
8 Metcalf     3b
9 Millwood     p

Notice no Sosa.