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Reliever Usage

Gary Majewski, a player coming off a fairly serious injury, has now pitched in five of the last seven games. There was an off day for the Reds mixed in there, but even so, why would Jerry Narron think that was a good idea?

I'm not letting Gary Majewski off the hook here. He's terrible. But it's kind of amazing how good Jerry Narron is at putting his players in a position to fail, especially when it comes to relievers.

You really have to feel for Homer Bailey and the other Reds starters. They can't count on relievers ever picking them up when they leave with runners on base, and I'm sure that's not psychologically helpful for these guys.

Looking back on it, this may have been Mike Stanton's problem in May. Narron tends to get a player stuck in his head, and for a couple of weeks he'll run them out there at every opportunity. People complain about the ever changing lineups, but guys in the bullpen really don't have roles. David Weathers is the closer, and after that ... who knows? Certainly not Narron.