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Off Day Open Thread

Haven't done one of these in a while.

Feel free to talk about anything here that you don't feel like putting in a diary. Not alot of baseball going on today, just five games total, all later tonight.

To get the conversation going here's your off day open thread question: what do you collect?

Doesn't have to be sports related, and you don't need to be a nut like this person:

But I always find it pretty interesting to know what people collect. I've just recently started getting into baseball cards again, slowly buying up Reds Topps team sets with the (extremely) long term goal of having every Reds Topps card ever made.

I know we've done the baseball card thing before, and I saw some of you talking (inadvertent) bobblehead collections, but like I said this is a pretty open question, doesn't need to be sports related. Although if you collect Hummels or something I won't blame you for not commenting.

Have a great Monday everyone!