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Game Thread: Game 31 vs the Rockies

TIME: 3:15 @ Great American Ball Park


                     REDS PROBABLE:
Josh Fogg (1-2, 5.08)                       Bronson Arroyo (1-2, 2.59)

So, have we decided that this team just isn't very good this year? I have a hard time believing that, just because the offense seems adequate, and the starting pitching has been great.

One area is consistently failing, and it's probably the easiest part of a team to fix (granted, not as easy in season).

I'm really confused by the lack of moves from Krivsky. He waited too long to try to fix things last year too, and I'm not sure why he needs to see game after game after game given away before he's ready to spring into action and trade away some position players for magic beans. I haven't been banging this drum like other bloggers have, but I have no idea why Carlos Guevara and Calvin Medlock are at AA while the Louisville pen is mostly 30+. Sometimes it's really hard to see the plan. I'm tired of watching a mediocre baseball team every season.

What's truly sad is that I don't think any of us are asking for much. A few competitive years (meaning playoffs or 1999 style close to the playoffs) out of every ten would probably do it, but the Reds can't even manage that. And before the inevitable, no I don't really count 2006.

But hey, it's still (kind of) early, so maybe things can still get turned around for this year.

Go Reds!