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Game Thoughts: Reds Beat The Nats 8-7

Javier Valentin

I missed the first few innings so I was lucky enough to mostly see only good stuff last night. Have to love when that happens.

Quick thoughts:

  • The starting pitching has kind of been melting down lately, which obviously is the signal for the bullpen to start pitching well. Because, you know, the entire team can't play well at the same time. I'm starting to think Victor Santos might actually bring something in a trade this summer.
  • Scott Hatteberg's put up multi hit games his last three starts. Good to see him getting hot again, and the average is back over .300.
  • Bronson Arroyo's arm is probably going to fall off this year. I hate to be pessimistic, but Narron has been abusing him and Harang. I don't even blame him completely, I'm not sure what else you do when the bullpen has been so terrible.
  • I honestly didn't even realize Dmitri Young was still playing.
  • Narron might be trusting his young relievers a little more these days. I was surprised (but obviously happy) to not see any Mike Stanton last night. The bullpen really doesn't look as bad as it did two weeks ago, and even if it struggles I'd rather lose with younger guys like Brad Salmon and Jon Coutlangus than has beens like Stanton.