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Game Thread: Game 42 vs. the Indians

TIME: 7:05 @ Jacobs Field

                            REDS PROBABLE:
Cliff Lee (1-0, 4.50)                                 Kyle Lohse (1-4, 4.01)

I hate to even bring it up, but Kyle Lohse has been pretty terrible lately. 6.23 ERA in his last three starts. I'm hoping he can keep the overall ERA under 4.50 so that maybe the Reds can get something decent for him come July.

Interleague play, whoohooo, am I right? I used to love this stuff, but I honestly wish they'd kill it off now. Never happen because it seems to draw well, but it hasn't been all that interesting for years. Cleveland vs. Cincinnati is ok, I guess, but  most everything else is thoroughly blah. And it really has cheapened the World Series and All Star Game, in my eyes at least.

Go Reds!