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Krivsky Made The Road Trip

Wayne Krivsky

I hadn't realized it, but Wayne Krivsky travelled with the Reds to California:

Before the Cincinnati Reds embarked on this three-city, nine-game trip, General Manager Wayne Krivsky said he would not be with the team, that he would be in Dayton and other minor-league venues.

But he flew to Los Angeles with the club and also will be in San Diego. Trying to play it off with humor, Krivsky said, "Do you think I'm nuts? Miss Los Angeles and San Diego?"

Then he turned serious and said, "With the way the team is going lately (2-8 before Saturday's game), I thought it best to be with them. If we won 10 straight, I'd be home with my wife. Don't read anything more into it."

Asked if manager Jerry Narron was on a slippery slope, he said, "No. That's not why I'm here. Not even close."

Hal McCoy goes on to note that the Reds are 54-67 since Narron and Krivsky had their contracts extended last June (Krivsky's 2008 option was picked up while Narron was extended), and I think I saw somewhere that the Reds are something like 72-90 over the last 162 games. What is there even to say about that?

Lately every move has been so ridiculous that I feel like I have no shot at all of predicting anything, so at this point I'm pretty much expecting the most ridiculous thing possible to happen at all times.

So I'm thinking we'll see Stanton continue to pitch for the Reds and EdE shipped out for a reliever (maybe with an A ball prospect or two tossed in) ASAP, those being the two most ridiculous things I can think of right now. Let's hope I'm wrong, on both counts, but I can't see how anyone has any faith anymore in the management of this team.

I mean seriously, anyone who wants to defend Krivsky at this point? Just show them this. There's no comeback there. TWO YEARS. Tell them to defend that.